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Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental PolicySecured through

Policy At-a-Glance

Boats and Yachts
  • Up to 40 ft in length
  • Up to 25 years of age*
  • Speeds up to 50mph
  • PWCs are excluded

  • During the rental period only
  • Actual Cash Value for the boat, engine and boating equipment up to $250,000*
  • $300,000 Liability Coverage
  • $997,100 in Fuel Spill Liability
  • $25,000 Medical Payments
  • $100,000 Uninsured Boater Coverage
  • Salvage coverage up to the Actual Cash Value
  • Wreck Removal
24/7 Claims Service
  • Provided by Boating Experts
  • Private Pleasure use of the renter, watersports, charter fishing, sightseeing or dinner cruises only
  • No coverage for commercial, business or governmental purposes or functions
* Boats greater than 40’ in length, over 25 years of age or greater than $250,000 may be eligible for coverage with additional underwriting.

Peer-to-peer boat rental gives you the best of both worlds; the chance to use your own boat and the ability to rent your boat out to the customer of your choice to help offset the costs associated with owning your boat.

We’re pleased to be the selected insurance provider for your boat’s rental period and want to give you some information about the insurance coverage you can expect.

The Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Policy was designed and written specifically to provide coverage for your boat while it is being rented through a peer-to-peer rental company. The policy does not provide year-round protection for your boat, so you’ll still need to maintain insurance for periods other than the peer-to-peer rental.

The insurance policy provides coverage on an Actual Cash Value basis during the rental. The Actual Cash Value is determined by the current market value of the boat, engine and boating equipment at the time of a loss. NOTE: Actual Cash Value policies depreciate ALL losses to the fair market value at the time of the loss.

The Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Policy provides coverage while in US and Canadian waters up to 12 miles from shore and while being trailered in the US within 250 miles of the boat’s regularly garaged location. The policy also provides full salvage and wreck removal coverage and additional Fuel Spill coverage for damage from the unintentional discharge of oil or fuel.