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White boxBoat Policy: Agreed Hull Value Coverage
Agreed Hull Value Coverage At-a-Glance

Boats and Yachts
• Up to 70 ft
• Speed up to 75mph

Agreed Hull Value Coverage
• Hull Values up to $2,500,000
• Choice of Deductibles
• Broad Cruising Area
• No Lay Up
• Tender Coverage
• Personal Effects (Optional)

Emergency Services
• 24/7 Dispatch of Resources
• Towing Assistance
• Towing and Wreck Removal
• Hurricane Haul Out

P & I (Liability, Defense & Indemnity)
• $100,000 up to $2,000,000
• $997,100 Fuel Spill Liability
• Medical Payments
• Uninsured Boater Coverage

Premium Discounts
• Multiple Policies
• Approved Boating Safety Courses

24/7 Claims Service
• Provided by Boating Experts
• Services of BoatUS Catastrophe Team

For total protection, recommend GEICO Marine's Boat Policy, providing clients Agreed Value coverage for boats and yachts valued up to $2,500,000. This is an excellent option for all boat types when your client wants full protection with little out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim.

In addition to the Hull coverage, your customers enjoy year round protection (no lay up period), a Broad Cruising Area with extension options and a Choice of Deductibles. To protect your customers beyond the cost of boat repair, the policy features a Choice of Liability Limits plus an additional $854,400 in Fuel Spill Liability, Towing Assistance, Salvage Assistance and Wreck Removal, Medical Coverage and Uninsured Boater Protection.

Expert claims service is provided 24/7 including immediate dispatch for fire, sinking and fuel spill. Optional coverages include up to $25,000 for personal effects.