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Yachts, Boats & Charter Vessels Boat Policy: Agreed Hull Value Coverage
Agreed Hull Value Coverage At-a-Glance

Boats and Yachts
• Up to 68 ft
• Speed up to 60mph

Agreed Hull Value Coverage
• Hull Values up to $2,500,000
• Choice of Deductibles
• Broad Cruising Area
• No Lay Up
• Tender Coverage
• Personal Effects (Optional)

Emergency Services
• 24/7 Dispatch of Resources
• Towing Assistance
• Towing and Wreck Removal
• Hurricane Haul Out

P & I (Liability, Defense & Indemnity)
• $100,000 up to $2,000,000
• $854,400 Fuel Spill Liability
• Medical Payments
• Uninsured Boater Coverage

Premium Discounts
• Multiple Policies
• Approved Boating Safety Courses

24/7 Claims Service
• Provided by Boating Experts
• Services of BoatUS Catastrophe Team

For total protection, recommend GEICO Marine's Boat Policy, providing clients Agreed Value coverage for boats and yachts valued up to $2,500,000. With this coverage, policy holders can rest easy knowing that the value of their boat and boating equipment (with few exceptions) will not be subject to depreciation in the event of a loss. This is an excellent option for all boat types when your client wants full protection with little out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim.

In addition to the Hull coverage, your customers enjoy year round protection (no lay up period), a Broad Cruising Area with extension options and a Choice of Deductibles. To protect your customers beyond the cost of boat repair, the policy features a Choice of Liability Limits plus an additional $854,400 in Fuel Spill Liability, Towing Assistance, Salvage Assistance and Wreck Removal, Medical Coverage and Uninsured Boater Protection.

Expert claims service is provided 24/7 including immediate dispatch for fire, sinking and fuel spill. Optional coverages include up to $25,000 for personal effects.